Private Lesson

One on one private lessons provides student with flexibility. When student goes into one on one training it dramatically improves their singing ability and techniques and fixes their singing problems through American style of singing and drama clips as well as dancing. Moreover, students will be more efficient at singing, dancing, performing and gain more profound of stage presence.

We recommend that our student should have minimum English understanding, singing, conversation and performed on stage. There is no age requirement, please call for further inquiries.

Recommended students: Pre-school, Adults and those who want to learn to from international professionals.

Singing Lesson includes:

-Breathing through stomach

-Correctly use diaphragm to speak

-Correctly shape your mouth to pronounce words

-Vocalization conditioning

-Individual vocalization role training

-Facial expression and vocalization coordination training

Dancing Lession includes:

-Theatre Tap / Jazz / Ballet / Arobic

Teacher Bio

翁誌廷John Ong

Private Lesson 一對一課程

Graduated from Hwa Kang, Shih Chien University and University of Vancouver; professor Ong had the privilege of studying under Professor王秋棃、蔡正驊、李士民、陳榮光、Nancy Hermiston、David Meek、and薛映東. Presently, he is under the care of Professor陳榮貴. During his time in Vancouver, he participated in two opera organization: Opera Appassionate and Opera project. Then he returned back to Taiwan and was accepted in to Taiwan National Choir as Tenor. He later then was accepted into National Performing Arts Center where he performed in shows such as: The beauty of opera I, II, Urchin and Magic, Sleeping Beauty, and Candy House.

Nonetheless, professor Ong participated in various roles, performances and compositions as Tenor in his oversea careers. Right now, he holds a director position in the department of music, Taiwan University of Arts. Moreover, he also holds teaching position in both Hwa Kang University and Taipei Orchestra as a Tenor instructor.


Carson Reiners

Gymnastics 舞台基礎體操班

Carson Reiners is a NYC choreographer/ teacher/ and performing artist who has worked in the USA and internationally for the last 15 years in dance and theatre. She has been honored with numerous awards and residencies and her work has been commissioned for both dance and theatre. Her work has been shown extensively in NYC and Chicago where she has been based for the past several years. Prior to that worked on several international productions in Europe, India, Peru, Israel, and South Africa. She also has collaborated on several works where she teamed up with recognized musicians and visual artists. She attended CODARTS in Holland, and holds a BFA from the Anton Bruckner Universitat in Austria, as well as continuing studies in Biology and sports medicine. She has shared her love for dance to students throughout the USA and abroad and holds a firm belief and love that any student who walks through her doors, is her student and her responsibility from that day onward.

Sara Pizarro

Private Lesson

Sara Pizarro, Born in Paris, Is A French dancer trained In Ballet, Jazz and Modern/Contemporary. She began her dance training with Monique Arabian at the Académie Chaptal and later studied at the Conservatoire De Pantin and the Rick Odums Institute.

She completed her training in Musical Theatre and singing with Michael Pereira (Marymount Manhattan College, NY) and Caroline Dhotel (Berklee College Of Music, Boston) and danced in several dance companies (Tango, Folklore, Cabaret) and was teaching for 7 years in Paris, including at the American Academy Of Dance Of Paris before moving to Prague.


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