Private Lesson

One on one private lessons provides student with flexibility. When student goes into one on one training it dramatically improves their singing ability and techniques and fixes their singing problems through American style of singing and drama clips as well as dancing. Moreover, students will be more efficient at singing, dancing, performing and gain more profound of stage presence.

We recommend that our student should have minimum English understanding, singing, conversation and performed on stage. There is no age requirement, please call for further inquiries.

Recommended students: Pre-school, Adults and those who want to learn to from international professionals.

Singing Lesson includes:

-Breathing through stomach

-Correctly use diaphragm to speak

-Correctly shape your mouth to pronounce words

-Vocalization conditioning

-Individual vocalization role training

-Facial expression and vocalization coordination training

Dancing Lession includes:

-Theatre Tap / Jazz / Ballet / Arobic

Teacher Bio

翁誌廷John Ong

Private Lesson 一對一課程

Graduated from Hwa Kang, Shih Chien University and University of Vancouver; professor Ong had the privilege of studying under Professor王秋棃、蔡正驊、李士民、陳榮光、Nancy Hermiston、David Meek、and薛映東. Presently, he is under the care of Professor陳榮貴. During his time in Vancouver, he participated in two opera organization: Opera Appassionate and Opera project. Then he returned back to Taiwan and was accepted in to Taiwan National Choir as Tenor. He later then was accepted into National Performing Arts Center where he performed in shows such as: The beauty of opera I, II, Urchin and Magic, Sleeping Beauty, and Candy House.

Nonetheless, professor Ong participated in various roles, performances and compositions as Tenor in his oversea careers. Right now, he holds a director position in the department of music, Taiwan University of Arts. Moreover, he also holds teaching position in both Hwa Kang University and Taipei Orchestra as a Tenor instructor.

Style:Vocal, Opera, Musical, Pop Singing

Kris Oprisch



Ihor Rapita

Dance Choreographer/Dance Teacher 編舞/舞蹈老師。
烏克蘭利沃夫國立藝術學院(Lviv National Art College)、伊萬弗蘭科大學(Ivan Franko National University of Lviv)畢業,主修編舞。為閃耀烏克蘭的當代、街舞、 爵士舞者及編舞家,於台灣曾擔任六福村主題樂園舞者及編舞者。 曾參與民俗舞蹈 “Dibrova”、當代舞碼 “Ballet of Life” 及利沃夫 “Body in Urban Space” 藝術節製作,並於利沃夫歌劇院擔任舞者,與 Leo Band 樂團同台 演出。現為自由舞蹈工作者。

教授課程:Ballet、Hip Hop、Lyrical Jazz、 Street Jazz

Anna Denisova

Dance Choreographer/Dance Teacher 編舞/舞蹈老師

烏克蘭利沃夫伊萬弗蘭科大學(Ivan Franko National University of Lviv)畢業,主 修編舞。縱橫烏克蘭當代、爵士舞壇,曾在台灣擔任六福村主題樂園舞者及編舞 者。

在烏克蘭擔任當代舞、體操學校教師,參與古風舞 “Tystan” 的新一代產製, 並於利沃夫歌劇院擔任舞者,與 Leo Band 樂團同台演出。現為自由舞蹈工作者。

教授課程:Ballet、Ballet Choreography、Lyrical Jazz

Joseph Sean Vickers


  • 10歲時考進英國普賽爾音樂學院,並於1990年入讀英國著名梅紐因音樂學院。
  • 1997年獲獎學金進入英國皇家音樂學院進修,於該校取得小提琴演奏學士、碩士學位及演奏家文憑。
  • 曾接受梅紐因,福克 斯,迪蕾和羅森伯格等世界知名小提琴家的指導,並以獨奏家及室樂演奏家的身份在歐洲及亞洲多個著名音樂廳演出。
  • 曾參與多個世界知名樂團演出,包括倫敦室內樂團、BBC威爾斯國家交響樂團、BBC蘇格蘭皇家愛樂管弦樂團、英國國家歌劇院交響樂團、澳門交響樂團、新加坡國家樂團。樂團演出經驗豐富。
  • 曾經在羅斯卓波維契、 戴維斯、凱亭克、馬捷爾及西奈斯基等著名指揮家的指揮下演奏。
  • 2008-2012年為香港小交響樂團擔任副樂團首席,使用1778年 Thomas Eberle 的名琴演奏。


Andy Smith

來自英國的全方位唱作俱佳的音樂才子 Andy Smith,身兼歌手、詞曲創作家等多重身份,投入於表演藝術界長達25年。

古典音樂出生的他,是 ABRSM 英國皇家 8 級小喇叭樂手,並於英國蘭卡斯特大學取得音樂學位。

Andy 精通貝斯、吉他、小喇叭以及樂理,多年來已累計10年以上的豐富教學經驗。


Andy is a British multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and composer, with over 25 years of performance experience. He was classically trained on the Trumpet to ABRSM Grade 8 standard, and holds a Bachelor’s of Music degree from Lancaster University, UK. Andy has been teaching for over 10 years, and specialises in Bass, Guitars, Trumpet, and Music Theory. Outside of teaching, he enjoys performing a wide selection of musical styles ranging from funk and soul to Latin and African, particularly if they involve elements of improvisation.



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