IM Credit

IM Credit System

Class Reservation

The latest a trial student can sign up for a class will be before 3 pm the day before the course starts. Those who are interested can add our fan page, line page and or give us your contact information for future notice

Organizer will send out related information 12 noon the day before course starts

After course sign up students will have 6 hours to cancel their class. If any later then that we cannot provide you a refund. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Trial student can participate in course that has already started; if trial class that has not started and there are 3 trial students that are interested, we can start the class immediately.

*Due to limited amount of spots for the course, an accurate and successful signed up will be notified by the organizer.

Changes and Cancellations
If students want to change or cancel their class; they need to call 3 pm the day before the class starts. And please contact our staff at the office. If absent without notification credit will be deducted and there will not be makeup classes.