IM 舞蹈工作坊 Bob Fosse Style “All That Jazz” Dance Workshop

IM 舞蹈工作坊 Bob Fosse Style “All That Jazz” Dance Workshop


IM 成人舞蹈工作坊第三彈:Chicago-ALL THAT JAZZ

這次的工作坊要帶大家認識音樂劇傳奇人物- Bob Fosse。這位已故的美國編曲家/舞者/演員/導演/編劇,曾獲得8項東尼獎的殊榮。紐約編舞大師 Carson Reiners,即將在課程中為大家介紹他的事蹟與背景,並一一示範 Bob Fosse 獨樹一格的舞蹈動作及舞步。

三小時的課程裡,將會由一連串暖身和肢體訓練開始。學員們將會透過經典音樂劇 Chicago 裡面的 All That Jazz,學習到受Bob Fosse為靈感所編製的性感曼妙舞姿,舉手投足間散發風情萬種的百老匯舞者姿態。



Bob Fosse Style Workshop

This workshop focuses on the iconic American choreographer Bob Fosse. Students will learn about the life and works of Bob Fosse, legendary dancer, choreographer, and director, as well as his specific vocabulary of movement.
Beginning with a fast flowing warm up and some progressions to get you in the zone, you’ll go on to learn some famous Fosse shapes and classic moves.
You will learn a fabulous Fosse inspired routine to the infamous All That Jazz from Chicago.
The choreography will be hot and the style slinky and sultry.

Come join our fun and exciting workshop where you get to learn the authentic Broadway style dance with all the other dancing fiends!

Date                     日期:   Nov 30, 2018 (Fri.)
Time                    時間:   19:30 – 22:30PM
Location              地點:   國際音樂劇藝文中心| 台北市大安路一段176巷15號1F
Attendant    參加對象:   general level, 13+ recommended 建議13歲以上參加
Fee               報名費用:   800 TWD


18:00-19:30 | warm up and dance 暖身+學習
19:30-19:45 | water break with snacks 休息時間
19:45-21:00 | dance and rehearsal 學習+總複習
21:00      | showcase 快樂呈現

Teacher Bio 師資介紹
IM 舞蹈工作坊 Bob Fosse Style “All That Jazz” Dance Workshop

Carson Reiners
Carson Reiners,來自紐約,曾就讀於荷蘭CODARTS藝術大學,並在求學時期受邀加入奧地利林茲的舞團,並在當地的安東布魯克納音樂大學取得藝術創作學士。在北美和全球各地同時擔任表演者、編舞家、和視覺藝術家長達15年之久。作品深受各大劇院及藝術學院青睞,並在歐洲、印度、南非、秘魯、以色列等多國演出。獲獎無數的Carson,在三年前搬回芝加哥為各大劇場及大學演出擔任編舞設計。
Carson Reiners is a NYC choreographer/ teacher/ and performing artist who has worked in the USA and internationally for the last fifteen years in dance and theatre. She has been honored with numerous awards and residencies and her work has been commissioned for both dance and theatre. Her work has been shown extensively in NYC and Chicago where she has been based for the past several years. Prior to that worked on several international productions in Europe, India, Peru, Israel, and South Africa. She also has collaborated on several works where she teamed up with recognized musicians and visual artists. She attended CODARTS in Holland, and holds a BFA from the Anton Bruckner Universitat in Austria, as well as continuing studies in Biology and sports medicine. She has shared her love for dance to students throughout the USA and abroad and holds a firm belief and love that any student who walks through her doors, is her student and her responsibility from that day onward.

Notes 工作坊上課注意事項

1. 上課請穿著方便活動並吸汗的貼身衣物;可另外準備室內舞鞋或乾淨球鞋,亦可選擇赤腳上課。
Please wear dance or sportswear. Choose dance shoes that you are confident in or indoor trainers.

2. 現場備有飲水機。
Water dispenser is available.

3. 課程進行中,請勿錄影、錄音及拍照。
Please do not take photos or videos during the workshop.

4. 活動採線上付款,已付款報名者當日至櫃檯告知姓名即可入場;為維護課程品質,工作坊不接受遲到學員進場,敬請留意。
Complete the payment online to secure your spot, there will be no actual ticket. Please do not be late.

5. IM 保有活動最終解釋權,若有未盡事宜得隨時修正公佈之。
IM reserves the right of final explanation.




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